Girls bedroom curtain can be a great privacy protection

09/07/2015 17:37

There are boys' dormitories are facing to and girls' in many schools. That means boy's dormitory is facing to girls', it is not safe for girls for them can be seem by boys who living facing to. Therefor, girls room curtain is great idea for privacy protection.

There are not much exquisite selection for girls room curtain at school for which have been already prepared. Curtain style, curtain size and curtain types are not the same selection like we do at home because all these have already prepare by school manage person. Those dormitory curtain fabrics are not good of quality or not the same color. There might be blue curtain or some other colors might used. But not high quality fabric curtain, not lace curtain.


Second: school boys are fond of talking about these topic such as basketball, football, news and girls, even something about their female classmate. Some boys have nothing to do expect standing in the balcony peeking girls with telescope. It is believe that lots of girls have such awful experience. Some girls accusing the boys but it does not work to much for them.

Curtain being a great privacy protection to protest girls from peeking. When they are sleeping or changing. They just need to draw down the curtain. Saving them from peeking even boys have infrared telescope facility. The same thing in summer, the strong light is blocked out when hanging up a girls bedroom curtain in the front of the window. Thick curtain can adjust the inside temperature to make room feel cool.

girls bedroom curtain

Girls bedroom curtain is one the most used curtain for many school to protest girls privacy which is an essential part for girls dormitories equipment.