Dose American country curtain good to look at?

09/14/2015 17:31

Climate constantly changing all over the world, respect to natural and pursuit country life, American change their concept of life and consumer attitudes as the idea of environmental protection. All we can seem from every tony detail in American' life. More and more people remove their luxury thick curtain instead of cheap country curtain.

First elegant and sedate color is rustic curtain characteristic

Elegant and sedate color is one characteristic of rustic curtain. Rustic curtain is always base on natural theme color to be a great home decor. So there is not bright color you can see on rustic curtain. Some rock or earth colors, and antique white classic color are common seem on rustic curtain.
For those colors are great to improve house's owner fashion taste and life attitude.


Second is rustic curtain design idea is natural and beautiful

Pattern on rustic curtains are natural plants, such as beautiful flower pattern with advanced craft workmanship. Or those some painting pattern more batter highlight the nature design idea.

country curtain

Third: shabby chic style but overstate

Compare to traditional American curtain, rustic curtain has concise elegant feature popular for all customers. It has double-layer design idea differ from the original overlapped design. Creating a shabby chic without to many embellishments to be a fashionable and elegant collocation.